Gadgets On The Today Show May 26

Had a lot of fun on the show this morning, especially with the EA Sports Active and flying alarm clock. Here’s the run down on these gadgets – if you have any queries leave a comment and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

EA Sports Active
EA’s latest workout ‘game’ for the Wii is for serious workout for those who don’t have time to go to the gym or exercise in the elements. It targets cardio and upper and lower body, but interestingly it tells you how many calories you have managed to consume. I’m guessing it’s going to eat into the personal trainer market.


Desk Top Charger
This little unit charges up to three portable devices at once while sitting at your desk. It takes up minimal room and is ideal for those who use a lot of portable devices in their life. It also comes with various interchangeable heads.

Samsung Ultra Touch
This little number is like a lot of smart phones, but what makes it interesting is its fake call function. This allows users to set up a fake call so if they are in a sticky situation – in a boring meeting, or talking to somebody you don’t like – they have a way of leaving the meeting or conversation without causing offense. Of course, if everybody has one of these, then the game is up! It also has a scratch-free touchscreen.
Varies with plans