Gadgets On Today – 28th July, 2008

This morning we looked at four new gadgets that are coming to Australian shores shortly:

1. SPACE AGE PUTTER – If your putting needs some help, here is the new putter that will give you feedback on the swing path, impact face angle and ball position of your putt. RRP $399
Available at retailers in mid August OR purchase online here
2. ALIVE DRIVE – The cool new way to get your music and carry it with you. The Alive Drive is being rolled out to selected concerts so once you have attended the event, you can purchase the audio tracks that you just heard and take them home with you
3. V900 SERIES – This self contained motion sensor activated security camera is really easy to set up and operate. Using SMS you send a code number to the camera instructing it to activate and send pictures to your mobile phone number should movement occur. It’s simple, easy to use and most of all it works!!
It’s available for sale in mid August, check out the distributors website for information on how to get it (the site linked is going live by Mid August) –
4. NOKIA N810 INTERNET TABLET – I think this will have a use for Australians, but the thing to note is that it is not a phone or smart phone. If you want a device that will surf the web, email, video call, play music/video’s and type/read documents this is worth checking out. The Nokia N810 hooks into a local Wi-Fi network at speeds up to 802.11b/g.
RRP $689 and is available now through all good retailers.
Visit the N810 on the Nokia Australia website – Click Here

The Case of The Broken Fibre Line

I knew this one was not going to disappear. A construction worker accidentally cuts a main data link on the south coast of Queensland causing complete loss of telecommunications services for thousands of people and now everyone is looking for some one to blame.

At its core I think the main issue is that people on the Gold Coast have a right to be more than a little peeved that their service was disrupted for so long. We can all handle a call drop out, we can even handle loss of service for a short time. We understand that technology is technology and some times there are glitches.

However when essential services go down for many, many hours it causes a massive flow on that some one needs to take responsibility for. Loss of business, loss of contact, some commentators even said that the service outage could cause loss of life by 000 call services not getting through.

Phone companies sell us the benefits of ‘communication solutions’. Just watch the TV at the moment and you will hear all the great things you can now do with your iPhone. “Buy a data solution and surf the web on your iPhone”. It’s awesome, having the web with you all the time. I am one of the people that is selling the vision of the online lifestyle. But, when the bull dozer hits the cable and the service goes down we want answers as to why the service we have been promises, have paid for and have integrated into our lives is no longer available.

So will some one please stand up and accept responsibility. South East Queensland wants to yell at you, then hit you with a massive claim because you stuffed their lives, businesses and pretty much everything else while the phone went dead.

Australia's First True Land Line Busting Option

Optus has just sent word that they are launching a couple of new phone plans that are designed once and for all to allow mobile customers to ditch their land line. From first glance the options look great for anyone one who wants to have access to the internet via the mobile networks and get great value for their voice calls.

Here is the gist of it –

“The new ‘yes’ Timeless $99 (when taken with the $14.95 Mobile Internet Pack)
includes unlimited standard local and national voice calls, standard SMS, MMS and calls made within Australia to GSM mobiles plus 200MB of data which can be used for Optus Zoo and Mobile Internet browsing.”

So, $115 and you get all the local/national calls you can make. Plus all the calls you can make to mobile phones too! I don’t know how a phone company would make money out of such a deal, but that is not our problem is it!

With an option like this you could:
– Move your mobile phone plan to Optus and cancel your home plan.

OR (if you still need your ADSL2+ at home for broadband)

– Change your home internet plan to Naked DSL (such as with Iinet) and you get your fast internet access, and the ability to make international calls at cheap rates through Skype or some other voip provider.