Life & Technology – 2GB 20th June, 2020

Cyberattack Announcement

Friday morning, the government announced that the country is under a state-based cyber attack. We invited Dane Meah, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Infrotrust, on to the show to provide some light with the announcement. He discussed what is it about and if we should worry or not.

“Although the Prime Minister’s announcement this morning may seem alarming to some, it is worth noting that many Australian businesses in recent years have doubled down and made significant efforts to mature their cyber resilience and protect themselves against cyber-attacks.

“However, this does serve as a reminder to Australian organisations and government agencies that cyber security must remain a key focus, often security projects are one of the first to be scaled back during a recession and this could potentially cause even more damage to the Australian economy if we see businesses start to fall victim to these attacks.”

Harvey Norman EOFY Deals

We invited Mitchell Whitaker, Director for Harvey Norman Newcastle, and shared some great finds and offers from Harvey Norman for this EOFY. Head on to your nearest store or log online and grab your buys from the website.

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Making the Most of Mindfulness

May is mindfulness month apparently. Unfortunately, I missed it, but smiling mind has an initiative in June. That’s better I thought, we haven’t gotten to June yet.

Taking the time to recalibrate yourself has been one of the things I hope to take away from the lockdown adventure. Each day, at some time during the day, taking 10 to 15 minutes to put on some headphones and shut out the noise is made every day that much better for me. No notifications or calls, SMS or email alerts. Just mind balancing exercise and nothing else.

I use my G-mee, of course I’d use this device, I am the creator of it. However, you can use any device that gives you the same result. The key thing is to shut out the interruptions and give yourself the time to just float.

Smiling mind is a great app to use and they run regular exercises to help specifically in this area. But you can choose from a range of different options. Some days I listen to classical music. I have a playlist on my Spotify that goes for 20 minutes. I slip on my Bluetooth, noise cancelling headphones and press play on the headphones. I lean back in my chair with my feet on the desk and everything else melts away.

Other days I listen to a meditation podcast. There are loads of them around just download a couple and save them on your device. Now regardless of whether you have Internet or not you can play that pod cast.

I’ve also found that it helps to change up your location from time to time. There is a nice spot on my office Veranda that gets full sun around 11 AM. I also like to lie back on the grass, again in the full sun, with my sunglasses on. I leave my G-mee nearby and relax.

By moving away from your desk it does help to cut down external distractions. No phone, no laptop and no alerts.

So smiling mind, a classical music playlist or a meditation pod cast, you choose, but do it every day and try and do it around the same time every day. For me it helped clear my head for the afternoon and provided more clarity between the work I’m doing the morning and the things that are most pressing for me to get to in the afternoon.

Good luck and go find your mindfulness solution.

Life & Technology – 2GB 16th May, 2020

On the show we invited Chris Althaus, CEO of Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association. he discussed the 5G’s crucial role in supporting Australian economy and society. He also tackled how 5G will continue to roll out across Australia and addressed the false claims around health issues concerning 5G. You can get yourselves updated with the latest news from their website.

We also invited Rameez Ansar, Co-founder and Director of Circles.Life. Rameez shared with us what the company offers and the array of products they provide to customers with their flexible, simple plans. Circles.Life entered the Australian market in October 2019 and are running on the Optus network.

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