Today Show – Christmas Apps For Kids

With Christmas rounding the corner, parents need some handy apps to entertain the kids. Here are 5 apps that will help get the whole family involved this holidays. Here are the 5 apps we showed on the The Today Show –


  • Excited about Christmas? We are! We love to keep track of exactly how long it is until Christmas day.
  • Choose from a variety of lovingly drawn characters who hold signs that count down the nights, hours, minutes or seconds to Christmas.
  • Beautiful animated snow falls around the character while Festive Favorite such as Jingle Bells and Dreaming of a White Christmas play in the background!
  • You can also shake your iPhone or iPod touch to make a sleigh bell noise!
  • You can also send the animated via email or facebook to friends and family.
  • This app is FREE


  • The NORAD Tracks Santa App is the official mobile app of the NORAD Tracks Santa program.
  • Watch the days countdown to Santa\’s flight, follow Santa\’s progress on December 24, play \”Elf Toss\” and \”Thin Ice\” to help Santa\’s elves deliver presents, and learn about NORAD and its mission.
  • This app counts down the days till you can start tracking Santa around the world.
  • This app is FREE


  • You press scan near a person (child) and the scanner detects if they are naughty or nice after a few seconds.
  • This app is FREE


  • Parents press a botton that pretends that Santa is calling them. The parent can then pretend they are speaking to Santa
  • Good trick to keep your kids behaviour under control before Christmas.
  • This app is FREE


  • Fun app that allows you to take a photo of someone\’s face and put it on santa\’s boday to dance around
  • Very fun and funny
  • The app plays music and allows you to send the video to friends and family
  • This app is FREE

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