Life & Technology – 2GB 15th February, 2020

Nick discussed the challenges of traditional products now being connected to the internet and how to make sure they are ‘secure’. The challenge is that its hard to tell, but one way, is to open a search engine, look up the name of the product and also enter the word ‘exploit’. This is likely to tell you whether the product has had its security exploited and is safe to use. 

We also had Daniel Hancox, Group Manager – Display from Sony, who discussed the benefits of Laser technology in Projectors. During the week Sony made an announcement of new Laser Projectors coming soon for Universities, Museums and other organisations needing large images projected in light environments. Sony’s new projectors are Black and White, but there are now lots of different Projector solutions in market that are worth a look and using technology that is borrowed from their high end Laser solutions. More details here

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2 Replies to “Life & Technology – 2GB 15th February, 2020”

  1. hello Charlie, logging onto your site to ensure all is happening the way it ought to be via the whacky world of technlogy. Meanwhile I am writing to advise had similar incidences with Norton, customer service call went elsewhere, only found out when they wanted me to join and pay for their customer service advice, or similar.
    cheers chesfromOz

  2. hello Charlie, also have tried to reach your Sat. morning chat on 2GB and wanted to tell you that my new ACER laptop purchased from Harvey Norman is unable to identify cable input to “D” drive for my Apple ipods, one is brand new, brand new cable. I have been to computer help desk at Harvey Norman, Caringbah. unfortunately they are unable to assist, having tried to help me connect to download to the ipod cable, there is no drive to connect to? hope I can work around the issue somehow I need to download audiobooks, meditation to listen to. etc.

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